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The Wörlein GmbH was founded in 1968 by Mr. Horst Wörlein and has since been in complete family ownership and management. Since its founding, the company has had its headquarters in Cadolzburg located in the central Franconian countryside near the city of Fürth situated in the Free State of Bavaria. Through the years, founder Horst Wörlein has passed the management to his son Ralf Wörlein, who alongside with, long-term staff member and confidentiality clerk in possession of procuration, Peter Bott were able to continue the positive development of the company.

The company become well known with the development of the first affordably priced data transmitting modem known as the “dataphon.” In the year 1985, the company’s leading brand “soundmaster©” was trademarked, and since then symbolizes great design standards, sophisticated technologies and an exceeding value for money across the consumer electronics market.

Continuous improvement of existing technology occurs in the in-house technological department, which ensures both a flawless execution of necessary repairs and an ongoing development of existing products.

Knowledge of more than 50 years is reflected in the well-structured customer portfolio, whose members have frequently been customers of the Wörlein GmbH for decades.

All trainees are directly trained at Wörlein, in order to ensure excellent competence, very low skill fluctuations, and a high recognition by both customers and suppliers.

In the Wörlein philosophy, the most important pillars are considered to be partnership, reliability, financial strength, healthy growth and social harmony. With these foundations, and the necessary skillset held by our employees, the Wörlein GmbH can look back on a history of successful business operations, and is able to anticipate a guarantee for success in the future, for both the costumers and the company.